Brain Coach


Living a Life by Design

Did you ever wonder where your life went? Do you recall having dreams and aspirations and now you notice that your life does not look like what you thought it would look like? Were your dreams compromised by the circumstances that were handed to you? Sometimes you may even feel that you had very little to say about the way your life went.
In this class you will be given proven strategies to take control of your direction and destination. You will learn how and why the Automatic Nervous System controls your moment-to-moment decisions. This knowledge will then prepare you to learn a proven method of how to create a life that you design.

Finding Your God Given Purpose

You are uniquely created with specific gifts and desire to move in those gifts. These gifts are also referred to as your talents or strengths. In this class you will look at the specific life experiences that developed your gifts and talents. The knowledge of your talents will indicate the purpose and direction that was always inside of you.
By the end of the class making life decisions and career choices will be much easier and will seem obvious. You will also find a new feeling of peace and internal motivation to be in action because you will find that this class will assist in living a purpose filled life, which is a natural motivator. You will learn how to use proven scientific methods to reveal what has always been available to you but the challenges of life may have caused you to forget.

Getting Unstuck - Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Nuero-science has shown us that like computers our minds can have a mind virus. Mind viruses act like other viruses because they can take control of your thoughts and restructure the way you react to life’s challenges. The worst part is that you may not even be aware that these mind viruses have done their damage!
You will learn that the situations of your life may really be caused by cyclical brain patterns producing cyclical results. How this may look for you is that it seems impossible to change old habits. In this class you will learn how to systematically uncover your mind viruses. And you will learn how to detect and shut them down!

I Want My Life Back - Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

Fear and anxiety can overtake your life affecting the quality of your life. You may find that things that you were able to do before have become are more difficult. Trying new experiences seems like too much work. Our families, our careers and joy for life get stolen. In this class you will learn how to regain control over your thoughts with a renewed perspective.

Performance Without Limits

This class will teach you how to be in action and stay in action. You will learn about self-imposed limits and recognizing their effect on your performance. Some of the concepts used in this class are from the therapeutic approach of Self-Image psychology and the emerging science of Neuroplasticity.
Knowing who you are to yourself will empower you to recognize the changes in self-images that you to have the results you desire. You will also learn the second key to unlimited performance, which is not just the knowing the actions to take but what to do when you hit obstacles. You will leave this class with new found control and power over your life and the results that you observe.